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Panum Crater
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Panum Crater
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Panum CraterPanum Crater and the Mono Craters should not be missed by anyone interested in geology.

These spectacular young volcanoes look ready to erupt at any moment. The craters range in age from 600 to 40,000 years old. Most accessible is Panum Crater, the northernmost and youngest of the chain. It is a classic example of the rhyolitic eruptions that occur in this area. The top of the ring is circumnavigable by way of the Rim Trail, a longer trail in soft sand. There is also a shorter trail that climbs to the top of the plug dome which offers spectacular vistas of the Sierra Nevada and the entire Mono Basin. There is little shade, so be sure to bring water and sunscreen. During the summer, there are naturalist guided tours that last about an hour and a half. Check the schedule for details. Panum is reached via a short dirt road, off Highway 120 east about three miles east of Highway 395.

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